Hello, I'm Bev

Spreadsheet queen, lover of numbers, XERO advocate and successful small business owner.

I’m super passionate about good bookkeeping and how it can help entrepreneurs and small business owners thrive.

With years of experience running my own small business, I really do understand the pitfalls and challenges, as well as the rewards.  I’ve been there.  

I know that when your books are in good order, and you clearly understand what the numbers are telling you, you can make better and more informed decisions for your business.

Business owners don’t need to be good at everything. Smart business owners recognise what they are good at and elevate their business in those areas. They outsource the things they don’t enjoy, or aren’t as skilled at, to others who are. 

Whatever the reason, if bookkeeping just isn’t your thing, then do yourself a favour and outsource it. Preferably to me! 

Bev Constable. Founder of Passion Bookkeeping.
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